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Why work with me? 


With a wealth of industry knowledge and a successful track record, I bring unmatched expertise to guide you through the real estate process and provide valuable insights into the local market.



 I prioritize clear and open communication, actively listening to your needs and ensuring that you're informed and supported at every stage of the buying or selling journey.

Through strategic marketing techniques and an extensive network of industry contacts, I will effectively promote your property and connect you with trusted professionals to facilitate a smooth and successful transaction.

What's Your Home Worth? 

Get a free home valuation in today's market


San Diego homes are increasing in value at a rapid pace, and your home may be worth more than you think! Let us know a little more about your home and we will send you a free home value report. No commitment or obligation required!


I help you to find the perfect balance between too high and too low based on comparable sales, market conditions, and of course, your needs! 


My selling process

Set a List price

I guide clients in maximizing their exterior/curb appeal and also interior appeal for prospective buyers. I have a keen eye for style and detail, along with a community of local vendors, that helps to cultivate that "eye-catching" listing that grabs buyers' attention. 


Maximize Appeal

I list and market your home through various websites and listing services, through realtor connections, and through showings and open houses. My goal is to maximize your home's visibility!



I want  to make selling your home as enjoyable and effortless as possible. I  negotiate on your behalf and help you to navigate requests and decisions that may arise. I will get you to our close date with some laughter along the way!


Smooth Sailing